Documents for June 2001 Meetings



7th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking 

TT-7-03 Technical modifications to TTVS 

27th Meeting of the International Review Panel 

IRP-27-14 Vessel Assessments 2002 

5th Meeting of the Parties 

MOP-5-06 Proposed Amendment to Annex IV of the AIDCP 
MOP-5-08 Vessels in transit  
MOP-5- 09 Fishing by non-Parties Jun 2001  

2nd Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Compliance 

COM-2-08 Satellite VMS Jun 2001 

4th Meeting of the Working Group on Finance  


68th Meeting of the IATTC

Revised versions of the assessments of tunas and swordfish presented at the meeting (Background Papers A2-A6 and A11) are available in  Stock Assessment Report 2.

C1 - Program and Budget for FY 2003  
A1 Fishery-IATTC 68 June 01  
B1 Tuna-Dolphin-IATTC 68 Jun 2001 
IATTC-68-10-1 Scientific WG 2 report May 2001 
IATTC 68-10-2 Swordfish Stock Assessment Chair's report 
IATTC-68-12 Draft EPO Capacity Plan  
IATTC-68-15 Observer fees at meetings Jun 2001 

Current meetings

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