IATTC and AIDCP Meetings - June 2002 - Manzanillo, Mexico



10th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking 

T-10-03 Technical modifications to TTVS 

30th Meeting of the International Review Panel Revised 11/06/02 

IRP-30-06 AIDCP budget deficit 2002 

IRP-30-09 Qualified captain list 

IRP-30-11 Utilizacion LMD-DML utilization 

IRP-30-14 Large herd guidelines 

IRP-30-15 Special problem sets 

IRP-30-16 Vessel classification  

IRP-30-17 SML implementation  

1st Joint Working Group on Fishing by Non-Parties 

JWG-1-04 Terms of Reference 

7th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP  Revised 17/05/02

MOP-7-04 Report on IDCP 

MOP-7-07 AIDCP Annex IV amendments 

MOP-7-08 SML Allocation 

3rd Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Compliance

COM-3-07 VMS for compliance 

69th Meeting of the IATTC

IATTC-69-03 Ecosystem considerations 

IATTC-69-09a Draft EPO Capacity Plan 

IATTC-69-09b Target fleet capacity 

IATTC-69-14 Catch documentation system 

C1 Budget FY 2004 IATTC 69 Jun 02 

Chairman's report of the 3rd Meeting of the Scientific Working Group 

Current meetings

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