IATTC and AIDCP Meetings - June 2003 - Antigua, Guatemala

Press releases
9th meeting of the Parties to the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program
70th meeting of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission  


Proposed procedures for meeting documents 



13th Meeting of the Working Group on Tuna Tracking 

TT-13-03 Review of TT plans.

TT-13-03a Additional observer costs

TT-13-04 Dolphin-safe certification 

TT-13-05 Modifications to dolphin safe certification

33rd Meeting of the International Review Panel    (Revised 2 June)

IRP-33-09 Classification of infraction

IRP-33-11 Plan for enhancing success of IDCP 

IRP-33-11a SAB terms of reference

IRP-33-11b Dolphin sampling by observers 

4th Meeting of the Working Group on Compliance 


2th Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Fishing by non-Parties 

JWG-2-04 Draft Terms of Reference 

JWG-2-06 Report on FAO IUU IPOA 

JWG-2-07 Non-Party deterrence 

9th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP   (Revised 2 June)

MOP-9-04 Report on IDCP 

MOP-9-06 Certificates 

MOP-9-07 AIDCP budget 

MOP-9-08 Amendments to Annex IV 

70th Meeting of the IATTC   (Revised 2 June)

IATTC-70-04 Tunas and billfish in EPO 

IATTC-70-09 VMS for IATTC 

IATTC-70-10a Proposals for capacity resolution 

IATTC-70-10b Draft EPO Capacity Plan 

IATTC-70-12 Budget FY 2005 

IATTC-70-14 Consolidation of resolutions 

MOP 9 JWG Terms of reference 
MOP 9 Plan for enhancing success of IDCP 
Annual meeting fishery presentation 
Current meetings
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