IATTC and AIDCP Meetings - June 2004 - Lima, Peru



2nd Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP dolphin safe tuna certification system 


16th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking 

TT-16-04 Dolphin safe certification
TT-16-07 IATTC compliance and dolphin safe certification 

36th Meeting of the International Review Panel 

IRP-36-05 DMLs 2004 
IRP-36-06 Captain List 

IRP-36-08 Transit and other waivers 
IRP-36-10 Captains with night sets 
IRP-36-11 Vessels with DMLs without required gear
IRP-36-12 Sampling small vessels 
IRP-36-13b Special cases 

11th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP   Revised 26 May 04

MOP-11-04 Report on IDCP 2003
MOP-11-06 AIDCP budget 

MOP-11-07 Stock mortality limits 

3rd Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Fishing by non-Parties

JWG-3-04 Identification non-party vessels 
JWG-3-05 Compliance by non-parties  Updated 29 May 04
JWG-3-06 Cooperating non-parties

JWG-3-07 IUU vessel list 
JWG-3-08 Non-Party vessel sightings 

5th Meeting of the Working Group on Compliance 

COM-5-06 Trade measures 
COM-5 JPN report re IUU LSTLVs   Posted 22 July 04

1st Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board 

SAB-01-01 Program of work
SAB-01-04 PS technology
SAB-01-05 Stock abundance and mortality 
SAB-01-06 Research programs 

72nd Meeting of the IATTC  

IATTC-72-04 Tunas and billfishes in the EPO 2003
IATTC-72-06 Target fleet capacity 
IATTC-72-12 VMS proposal 
IATTC-72-13 Marking FADs 
IATTC-72-16 Budget FY 2006 
IATTC-72-17 Conservation recommendations 2005 

General Information

Note: The IRP and TTWG meetings are open only to members of the IRP or members of government delegations.

Meeting notice 

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