IATTC Meetings -February 2007 - La Jolla, California, USA
Date Agendas Documents Posted
5-6 Ad hoc meeting to consider management options for bigeye and yellowfin tuna AH-04 YFT catches in 2006 01 Feb 07
AH-05 Review of management measures 25 Jan 07
7-8 8th Meeting of the Working Group on Finance

FIN-8-04a Sample budget allocation
FIN-8-04b RFMO contribution calculation

01 Feb 07
9-10 6th Meeting of the Bycatch Working Group BYC-6-06 Shark research proposal 02 Feb 07
BYC-6-INF A ESP SWO fishery bycatch 13 Feb 07


Budget 2007
Yellowfin tuna 2007
Catches of small yellowfin tuna
EPO regional sea turtle program

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