Meetings of the AIDCP - 20-21 October, 2011
th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity  - 23-24 October, 2011
Del Mar, California, USA


Meetings of the AIDCP



Date posted

29th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking

TT-29-04 Tracking and certification

03 Oct

16th Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP Dolphin Safe Tuna Certification System

DSP-16-04 Promotion actions

03 Oct

50th International Review Panel

IRP-50-06a DMLs 2010-2011
IRP-50-06b DMLs 2012
IRP-50-07 Captain List
IRP-50-09a Infraction responses

03 Oct

IRP-50-10 Night sets

19 Oct

8th Scientific Advisory Board



24th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP

MOP-24-05 Report on the IDCP 2010

03 Oct

MOP-24-06 AIDCP budget

17 Oct

MOP-24-07 Ecosystem friendly certification

04 Oct


Meeting on Fleet Capacity



Date posted

12th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity

CAP-11-04 IATTC capacity plan

13 Oct

CAP-12 Recommendations
CAP-12 Rules for vessel charters and capacity loans

14 Nov

CAP-12-04 Capacity scenarios
CAP-12-07 Procedures re Resolution C-02-03

05 Oct

CAP-12-07b Implementation of Resolution C-02-03

23 Oct

CAP-12-08 Vessel charters and capacity loans

05 Oct




CAP-12 PROP A-1 JPN Purse-seine capacity

14 Oct

CAP-12 B-1 PROP EUR Capacity management plan

Current meetings

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