82nd meeting of the IATTC and IATTC working groups - 29 June- 08 July, 2011 - La Jolla, California, USA


Meetings of the IATTC Working Groups



Date posted

2nd Committee for the Review of Implementation of Measures Adopted by the Commission REV 01 June

COR-02-06 Review Committee Rules of procedure

03 June

COR-02-07 Compliance report 2010 REV 30 June

16 June

COR-02-09 National report system

27 June

COR-02-10 IUU vessel list 2011

COR-02-11 Cooperating non Members

03 June

11th Meeting of the Working Group on Finance

Minutes of the 10th Meeting of the Working Group on Finance September 2010

05 May


Meetings of the IATTC



Date posted

82nd meeting of the IATTC REV 21 July

IATTC-82-05 Tunas and billfishes in the EPO 2010

20 June

IATTC-82-05c Conservation recommendations  Document number changed   20 June

17 June

IATTC-82-07 Support for developing countries

16 June

IATTC-82-08 Budget FY 2012-2013

21 June

IATTC-82-10 Transshipment program

30 June

IATTC-82-12 Kobe III meeting

03 June

IATTC-82-13 IATTC performance review

01 June

IATTC-82-17 IUU vessel length limit

06 June

IATTC-82-INF A Evaluation of TAC system for the EPO

04 July

COM-10-05 Unique Vessel Identifiers

03 June

Draft IATTC Rules of Procedure

18 June



IATTC-82 A-1 PROP JPN Catch Documentation Scheme

22 June

IATTC-82 A-2 PROP EUR Catch certification scheme

23 June

IATTC-82 B-1 PROP JPN Amendment C-03-07 Large LL vessels

22 June

IATTC-82 C-1 PROP JPN Amendment C-00-06 Vessel Register

IATTC-82 D-1 PROP JPN Non-CPC vessels on RVR

IATTC-82 E-1 PROP JPN Amendment C-08-02 Transshipments

23 June

IATTC-82 F-1 PROP EUR JPN Observers on longline vessels

29 June

IATTC-82 G-1A PROP CDN EUR JPN USA Performance review

22 June

IATTC-82 H-1 PROP JPN Conservation of oceanic whitetip shark

22 June

IATTC-82 H-2 PROP EUR Conservation of oceanic whitetip shark

23 June

IATTC-82 I-1 PROP EUR JPN Compliance

22 June

IATTC-82 J-1 PROP EUR Limiting longline capacity

23 June

IATTC-82 K-1 PROP EUR Conservation of hammerhead sharks

IATTC-82 L-1 PROP EUR Port State measures

IATTC-82 M-1 PROP USA C-05-07 IUU List

27 June

IATTC-82 N-1 PROP USA Trade measures


Informal workshop on matters related to the IATTC and WCPFC

Discussion document


Presentations (pdf)

Other documents to be discussed

IATTC 82 Fishery and Stock
IATTC 82 Activities of the Staff
IATTC 82 Conservation recommendations
IATTC 82 Overview of FADs and Bycatch studies
IATTC 82 White tip shark captures

2nd Review Committee

Minutes of the: 1st  Committee for the Review of Implementation of Measures Adopted by the Commission

Minutes of the: 9th Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Fishing by Non-Parties

82nd IATTC

Minutes of the: 81st Meeting of the IATTC

Report of the: Scientific meeting

SAC-02-03 Rules of Procedure

Current meetings

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