IATTC and AIDCP Annual Meetings - 18-29 June, 2012 - La Jolla, California, USA









30th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking

TT-30-04 Tracking and certification

31 May

17th Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP Dolphin Safe Tuna Certification System   Postponed


51st Meeting of the International Review Panel

IRP-51-05 DMLs 2011-2012
IRP-51-06 Captain List
IRP-51-08a Infraction responses

25 May


25th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP

MOP-25-05 Preliminary report on IDCP 2011

18 Jun

MOP-25-06 AIDCP budget

31 May



3rd Meeting of the Committee for the Review of Implementation of Measures Adopted by the Commission


COR-03-04b Compliance questionnaires

31 May

COR-03-05 IUU Vessel list 2012
COR-03-06 Cooperating non-Members

25 May


12th Meeting of the Working Group on Finance

FIN-12-04 Financing formula Revised 22 Jun

31 May


13th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity

CAP-13-07 Implementation of Resolution C-02-03

25 May

CAP-13-07 INF-A Graphs on the well volume of the purse seine fleet in the EPO

18 Jun

CAP-13 INF-B Implementation of recommendations

19 Jun

CAP-13-08 Protocol on sealed wells

25 May


83rd Meeting of the IATTC

IATTC-83-05 Tunas and billfishes in the EPO 2011

06 Jun

IATTC-83-05c Staff conservation recommendations Revised 12 Jun

08 May

IATTC-83-10 Support for developing countries

31 May

IATTC-83-11 Budget FY 2013-2014

01 Jun

IATTC-83-11b SUP Budget information

21 Jun

IATTC-83-12 Transshipment program

06 Jun

IATTC-83-13 Status of the IATTC performance review

22 May

IATTC-83 INF-A Pension fund

15 Jun

IATTC-83 INF-B Overlap area

25 Jun


IATTC-83 PROP A-1 VUT Amendment Resolution C-11-01 Revised 26 Jun

04 Jun

IATTC-83 PROP B-1 EUR Catch certification scheme

IATTC-83 PROP C-1 EUR In-port inspections

IATTC-83 PROP D-1 EUR Limiting effort on FADs

IATTC-83 PROP E-1 EUR Conservation of Hammerhead sharks

IATTC-83 PROP E-2 COL Silky sharks

20 Jun

IATTC-83 PROP F-1 EUR Data confidentiality

04 Jun

IATTC-83 PROP G-1 EUR Best available science

IATTC-83 PROP H-1 JPN Capacity management
IATTC-83 PROP I-1 JPN Amendment C-11-09 Transshipments

08 Jun


IATTC-83 Fishery Stocks


IATTC-83-05c Conservation recommendations



CAP-13 Target Capacity



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Meeting notice

San Diego Marriott La Jolla

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