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  4. External review of bigeye tuna assessment
Proyecto T.1.a - External review of bigeye tuna assessment

01 ene. 2019 - 31 dic. 2019

  • Review the assessment model used for bigeye tuna
  • Improve the assumptions made in the assessment
  • The bigeye tuna stock assessment was last independently reviewed in 2010 • Several issues have been identified in the stock assessment
  • The CAPAM workshop series has identified several modelling good practices that should be incorporated into the bigeye tuna assessment
  • Major improvements to the stock assessment are underway, including modelling of spatial structure
  • Review of the assessment is important to get external input into improving the assessment
Importancia para la ordenación
The results of the bigeye assessment are used for management advice
Improvements in the stock assessment will improve the management advice
The project will extend over 2019, but the workshop will be a single week in Fall
Plan de trabajo y estatus
  • Early 2019: Identify review panel
  • Mid 2019: Prepare documents describing major developments in the model
  • Fall 2019: Hold workshop
  • Fall 2019: Write workshop report
Colaboradores externos
Independent reviewers
Workshop report
Fecha de actualización: 01 may. 2019
Resumen de los avances en el periodo del informe
  • The review was conducted in March 2019 by a panel of 7 independent reviewers
  • The panel identified several potential improvements to the assessment
Retos y principales lecciones aprendidas
Several hypotheses were identified to explain the regime shift in recruitment, a few were able to substantially reduce the shift, but the cause could not be clearly identified
Presentation at SAC-10
Documents prepared by the staff for the review
Report of the Review panel