IATTC and AIDCP Annual Meetings - 16-27 August 2021 - (by videoconference) 






45th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking

TT-45-01 Review of the implementation of the dolphin safe certification system

28 Jul

32nd Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP Dolphin Safe Tuna Certification System

67th Meeting of the International Review Panel

IRP-67-01 Review of Dolphin Mortality Limits DML for 2020 and 2021
IRP-67-02 Captains list
IRP-67-03 Infraction responses
IRP-67-05 Possible Infractions
(Updated 07 Aug)

28 Jul


42nd Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP

AIDCP-42-01 AIDCP budget abstract

12 Aug



22nd Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity

CAP-22-01 Review of changes in the utilization of fleet capacity in the EPO

12 Aug

CAP-22 INF-A Consultant's report

11 Aug


12th Meeting of the Committee for the Review of Implementation of Measures Adopted by the Commission

Compliance 2020


COR-12-03 REV Cooperating Non-Members (REV 14 Jul)

06 Jul

COR-12-04 IUU Vessel List 2021-2022

12 Jul

COR-12-05 Recommendations of the 11th meeting of the COR progress report

14 Aug


8th Meeting of the Committee on Administration and Finance

CAF-08-02 Review of proposed budgets for 2022 and 2023 (REV 08 Jul)

06 Jul

CAF-08-03 Special Fund for promoting institutional capacity-building

11 Jul

CAF-08-04 Regional program of observers for transshipments at sea

15 Jul


98th Meeting of the IATTC

IATTC-98-01 The tuna fishery, stocks, and ecosystem in the Eastern Pacific Ocean in 2020

27 Jul

IATTC-97-01 Recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) to the Commission (corrigendum)

30 Jul

IATTC-97-02 Staff recommendations to the Commission

30 Jul


IATTC-98 INF-A Individual Vessel Limit (IVL) Bigeye catch – Background

IATTC-98 INF-B Individual Vessel Limit (IVL) Bigeye catch – Implementation

IATTC-98 INF-C Set limits

IATTC-98 INF-D Catch bias correction 2020-2021

IATTC-98 INF-E Assessment work plan tropical tuna

IATTC-98 INF-F Assessment work plan skipjack

IATTC-98 INF-G Stock status skipjack
IATTC-98 INF-H Response to OSPESCA’s letter dated 4, August 2021
IATTC-98 INF-I Management Strategy Evaluation for Tropical Tunas
IATTC-98 INF-J Active FADs
IATTC-98 INF-K Usage of the BET update assessment


*Spanish only pending translation 




Position statements and other documents (misc.)

IATTC-98 PROP A-1 EUR Observers on longliners
IATTC-98 PROP A-2 ECU Observers on longliners
IATTC-98 PROP B-1 EUR Port State measures

IATTC-98 PROP C-1 VEN Complementary measures bigeye
IATTC-98 PROP C-2 COL EUR Amendments C-20-06 Tuna conservation (Corr. 23 Aug)
IATTC-98 PROP C-3 ECU Conservation measures
IATTC-98 PROP C-3 REV ECU Conservation measures (revised 26 Aug)
IATTC-98 PROP-C-4 USA Conservation measures
(Corr. 10 Aug)
IATTC-98 PROP-C-4 REV USA Conservation measures (revised 27 Aug)
IATTC-98 PROP-C-5 JPN Conservation Measures
IATTC-98 PROP-C-6 VAR Conservation Measures
(revised 23 Aug)
IATTC-98 PROP-C-6 REV VAR Conservation Measures (revised 26 Aug)
IATTC-98 PROP D-1 ECU Staff activities and research plan

IATTC-98 PROP E-1 ECU Transshipments
IATTC-98 PROP F-1 ECU Conservation and management of sharks
IATTC-98 PROP F-2 USA Sharks (silky sharks)
IATTC-98 PROP G-1 USA Bluefin 2021-2024
IATTC-98 PROP G-2 USA Bluefin (long term)

45th Meeting of the Permanent WG on Tuna Tracking
67th Meeting of the International Review Panel
42nd AIDCP budget abstract

22nd Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity
Research report on allocation of fishing days with a transferable day credit program
Review of proposed budgets for 2022 and 2023
Fund to support developing countries 2021
Program to monitor transshipments at sea
Tropical tuna: yellowfin bigeye and skipjack
Temperate tuna: PBF and ALB
Outcome of the 6th meeting: IATTC-WCPFC-NC JWG on PBF
EMS: TOR-Definitions and workplan
Staff responses to requests (Corr. 27 Aug)

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation - position statement
Pacific Ocean Tuna Longline (StarKist) FIP Participants - position statement
Pacific Ocean tuna - longline (Thai Union) - position statement
Eastern Pacific large pelagics - longline (Martec) FIP Participants -
position statement
NGO Tuna Forum (various NGOs) - position statement
Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) - position statement
TUNACONS - World Wide Fund (WWF Ecuador) - position statement
World Wide Fund (WWF) - position statement
US Pacific Tuna Group- World Wide Fund (WWF Ecuador) - position statement
Organization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna (OPRT) - position statement

OPAGAC - World Wide Fund (WWF) - position statement
The PEW Charitable Trusts - position statement
The PEW Charitable Trusts - A Review of IATTC Transshipment Practices

The PEW Charitable Trusts - A Comparative Analysis of AIS Data... - 2019

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