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Closures of the purse-seine fishery

Temporal closures are marine resource management strategies that are implemented to control fishing effort, to improve spawning potential by protecting adults during spawning season, or to protect juveniles from depletion during times of recruitment.

Year: 2022

Closure year: 2022

Resolution C-21-04 on Tuna Conservation establishes that:

  1. Each purse-seine vessel of over 182 metric tons carrying capacity (IATTC size classes 4, 5 and 6) that fishes for tunas in the EPO shall cease fishing from either (1) 29 July to 8 October 2022; or (2) 9 November 2022 to 19 January 2023.
  2. Each IATTC Member, Cooperating non-Member (CPC) shall ensure that every one of its vessels ceases to fish during one of these two periods.
  3. For 2022, CPCs shall ensure that purse-seine vessels flying their flags that fished during any of the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 and have caught on average more than 1,200 metric tons of bigeye tuna in floating-object or unassociated sets during that period, shall, in addition to the closure stipulated in paragraph 3 of this Resolution, observe an extended closure of 8 additional days as indicated in this paragraph.
In the case of vessels that have only fished for two years during the period indicated, the average based on those two years shall be used, and in the case that a vessel fished only one year during the period indicated, only the catch data for that year shall be assumed as information for the application of this measure.

The IATTC Secretariat shall send to the CPCs by 15 December 2021, the names of the vessels that must apply the additional 8-day closure, for its pertinent application starting in 2022.

The additional days of closure pursuant to this paragraph shall be added, as appropriate, to the beginning of the closure for vessels observing the first period and to the end of the closure for vessels observing the second period, so that the closure of the first period shall always end on October 8 and the second period shall always begin on 9 November of each year.

A list of the vessels subject to these closures, and of the closure period that each one will observe, is available here (deadline for the notification of the closure period: 1 June 2022).

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