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Arctic Fox II
Authorized to fish
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IATTC Vessel Number:14729
Flag: Canada
Gear: Troll
Port of registration:Victoria
Registration number: 25125
Call sign: CZ8495
Dimensions(m)Length: 20.12
Beam: 5.73
Depth: 2.07
Technical characteristicsFish hold volume (m3): 143
Fish hold volume confirmation date:  
Carrying capacity (t): 20
Gross tonnage: 62
Engine power (HP): 200
Year built: 1947
Shipyard: J & B Forbes Company
Company: Teague Fishing Corporation
Business Address: 2417 Recreation Road
Shawnigan Lake, BC V0K 2W2
Previous Flag: United States - Change to Canada notified on 7 Feb 2019 (recorded on 8 Feb 2019) - Vessel name at time of change: Arctic Fox II

Last modified: 21 Oct 2020