Vessel details data
Lobo De Afuera V
Authorized to fish
IATTC Vessel Number:16768
Flag: Chile
Gear: Multi-purpose
Port of registration:Arica
Registration number: 3036
Call sign: CA4636
Dimensions(m)Length: 14.9
Beam: 6.36
Depth: 2.45
Technical characteristicsFish hold volume (m3): 45
Fish hold volume confirmation date:  
Carrying capacity (t):  
Gross tonnage: 34
Engine power (HP): 230
Year built: 1986
Business Address: Arica
RegiĆ³n XV de Arica y Parinacota
Managing Company Address:Arica
Region XV De Arica Y Parinacota

Last modified: 14 Jan 2022