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Ping Tai Rong 303
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IATTC Vessel Number:7133
Flag: China
Gear: Longline
Port of registration:Zhoushan
Registration number: (Zhe)ChuanDeng(Ji)(2017)FT-200138
Dimensions(m)Length: 45.2
Beam: 8.2
Depth: 3.65
Technical characteristicsFish hold volume (m3): 652
Fish hold volume confirmation date:  
Carrying capacity (t): 326
Gross tonnage: 525
Engine power (HP): 1000
Year built: 1999
Shipyard: Fuzhou Zhong Yi Shipbuilding Company, Ltd.
Company: Pingtairong Ocean Fishery Group Company, Ltd.
Business Address: Floor 10 - 11th Putuo Marine & Fisheries Building
No. 9 West Donghai Road
Shenjiamen Street
Putuo District
Zhoushan City
Previous name: Fu Yuan Yu 013 - Change to Ping Tai Rong 303 notified on 19 Dec 2018 (recorded on 19 Dec 2018) - Flag at time of change: China

Last modified: 7 Dec 2021