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  • Provide support in data preparation and statistical analyses for use in IATTC stock assessments.
  • Provide analytical support and statistical analyses to all IATTC research programs.
  • AIDCP dolphin related research.
  • Develop sampling designs for IATTC’s fishery data collection programs.


  • Ph.D. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, 1999
  • M.Sc. in Statistics from the University of California at San Diego, 1989


Prior to joining the IATTC team in 1991, Dr. Lennert-Cody worked as a statistician for the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in the Marine Mammal Division. Cleridy has provided statistical support for various aspects of the AIDCP Program since joining IATTC, including conducting comparisons of observer programs and conducting data screening analyses to identify unusual data. She also has conducted research on several topics related to marine mammals in the eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO), such as factors affecting dolphin mortality in the purse-seine fishery, estimation of relative abundance indices for dolphins from observer data, and estimation of incidental mortality of dolphins in the purse-seine fishery. She has worked on bycatch of non-mammal species in the EPO, such as the silky shark, and in collaboration with colleagues in Japan, developed indices of relative abundance from observer data for the silky shark. To assist with management of tropical tunas, she has worked on studies affecting tuna catches, such as factors affecting the probability of catching bigeye tuna. Cleridy’s recent projects include development of sampling designs for shark fisheries of coastal member nations and for the current Individual Vessel Limit scheme for bigeye catches, development of regression tree methods for length-frequency data and trends data to define fishery areas and tuna stock structure, and assisting in the development of new survey methodology for estimation of dolphin abundance in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. In addition to these projects, her current research interests include the application of machine learning algorithms to data screening problems and studies of fishing vessel behavior and fishing strategies.


ISC Shark Working Group (2011-present).