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Paulina Llano

Position: Translation Coordinator - La Jolla Headquarters

858 666-9700



Paulina Llano is responsible for all translations to be made as needed for the work of the Commission and its staff. She herself translates a variety of documents, such as correspondence, meeting reports, meeting documents and scientific publications. She is assisted in her work by a team of external translators whom she oversees and supervises, assigning them tasks and afterwards quality checking the translations that they provide to ensure their consistence with the linguistic practice and standards of the organization.


  • Degree in Translation (“Licenciatura en Traducción”) with Honours, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, México, 2015


Paulina Llano was born in Colombia and raised in Mexico, in the border state of Baja California. She is a national of both countries. Before graduating, she was working as a freelance translator, and after graduation, she had the opportunity to work at an environmental NGO as a Foundation Liaison Assistant. She was selected in 2017 to be an external translator for the IATTC, under contract with the Commission, to provide support to the staff member responsible for translations, Mr Nicholas Webb, who served the Commission for thirty years, until his retirement in 2021. In 2019, Paulina Llano joined the IATTC staff as a full-time translator, in preparation of the departure of Mr. Webb, upon which she was formally appointed Translation Coordinator.