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Project H.3.c - Estimate skipjack growth rates from recent tagging data

01 Jun 2023 - 31 May 2024

Program(s) in charge: Stock Assessment Program
To estimate growth from data collected in the recent tagging cruses
  • Estimates of growth are needed for YPR analysis and stock assessments 
  • Otolith data is unreliable for estimating growth of skipjack tuna
  • Data is available from several recent tagging cruises
  • Tag growth increment data can be used to estimate length-specific growth rates
Relevance for management
The estimates of growth will be used in YPR and/or stock assessment models to provide management advice
12 months
Workplan and status
  • Develop model
  • Apply model to updated data
  • Present methods and results at SAC
  • Publish paper
  • Report presented at SAC 2024
  • Published paper
Updated date: 01 May 2022
Progress summary for the reporting period
  • Growth analysis conducted
Challenges and key lessons learnt
  • No tagging data is available for large skipjack
  • No aging data is available
The absolute age and asymptotic length could not be estimated from the tagging data