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Project H.6.a - Participate in assessments of shared species by the International Scientific Committee (ISC)
Program(s) in charge: Stock Assessment Program
  • Staff participation in development and improvement of assessments for North Pacific-wide species of interest to the IATTC, especially Pacific bluefin and albacore tunas, but also billfishes and sharks
  • Understand the assessment results, and communicate them to the Commission
  • The ISC and its various working groups assess stocks in the north Pacific that are covered by both the IATTC and WCPFC
  • The IATTC staff provides data and advice for the assessments
  • Assessments are periodic, and the stocks assessed differ each year.
Relevance for management
The IATTC uses the results of the ISC assessments to provide management advice
Ongoing; ISC meets annually, usually in July
Workplan and status
See ISC website for details (http://isc.fra.go.jp/)
External collaborators
Report to SAC meetings
Updated date: 01 Apr 2021
Progress summary for the reporting period
  • February 2020: submitted a working paper for the Billfish working group
  • March 2020: Attended the virtual Pacific bluefin working group workshop. New benchmark assessment developed.
  • August/September 2020 and December 2020: Attended the virtual Albacore working group workshops about the progress on Management Strategy Evaluation
  • February 2021: Started a Basecamp North Pacific Albacore MSE – ISC albacore working group discussions for managers and other stakeholder 
  • March 2021: Attended the 5th North Pacific Albacore MSE Workshop;, the objectives were: (i) help managers and stakeholders understand MSE results, (ii) get feedback to ALBWG on the presentation of MSE results.
  • March 2021: Made a presentation to the Billfish working group on the “1th technical workshop on S EPO swordfish, Stock structure of swordfish in the Pacific Ocean” 
  • April 2021: Participated in the north Pacific bluefin working group meeting
See working group reports on the ISC website