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Project R.1.a - Workshop on training, communication and evaluation of management strategies for tuna fisheries in the EPO

01 Jun 2018 - 31 Aug 2018

Program(s) in charge: Stock Assessment Program
Provide training and enhance communication between scientists and managers on management objectives, harvest strategies and management strategy evaluation (MSE).
  • Several tuna RFMOs are strengthening communications among scientists, managers and other stakeholders throughout similar workshops, including an initial one for the EPO in Panama (2015).
  • The IATTC Performance Review and Strategic Science Plan recommend improving knowledge sharing, human-institutional capacity building and communication of scientific advice.
Relevance for management
  • Key elements of IATTC’s management strategy, such as its harvest control rule and reference points, along with alternatives, are being evaluated via MSE.
  • Improving participation and communication among all stakeholders is important throughout the development, evaluation and implementation of a management strategy
Planning and organization: 1-2 weeks. Workshop: 2 days (last quarter of 2018)
Workplan and status
  • Form organizing committee to develop workshop agenda.
  • Develop/tailor workshop materials (preferably in Spanish) to EPO tunamanagement needs.
  • Likely topics: Objectives, tactics and strategies, Kobe plots, harvest control rules, reference points. MSE components, development and implementation.
  • Logistics: Confirm presenters, host country (Ecuador has expressed interest), travel, venue, accommodations, invite Commissioners (mainly from coastal CPCs).
  • Conduct workshop with a format of both presentations and hands-on sessions with MSE “toy” models to illustrate main points, issues, trade-offs, and foster dialogue among Workshop participants.
External collaborators
WWF; Ocean Outcomes; ISSF
Workshop report and associated materials
Updated date: 01 Mar 2019
Progress summary for the reporting period
The workshop was conducted in August 2018.
Challenges and key lessons learnt
The full cycle of an MSE will need several iterations of dialogs with stakeholders.
  • Presentations, glossary and workshop report available on request.
  • Interactive application (in Spanish) illustrating major MSE features
The workshop was very well received. The participants from other t-RFMOs and institutions (FAO, ISSF, WWF, etc.) with direct experience of MSE greatly enriched the discussions.