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Project X.1.a - Workshop to advance spatial stock assessments of bigeye tuna in the Pacific Ocean

01 Apr 2021 - 01 May 2022

Program(s) in charge: Stock Assessment Program
  • Bring together researchers to present and discuss the best practices for conducting fisheries stock assessment *
  • Review all the topics covered in previous CAPAM workshops
  • Use the information learned to improve the tropical tuna assessments and assessments of other species
  • All stock assessments have uncertain assumptions that need to be addressed
  • Stock assessment authors make different assumptions
  • The CAPAM workshop series has covered aa broad range of topics related to fishery stock assessment
  • A review of the knowledge learnt from the CAPAM workshops and other research will help improve stock assessments
Relevance for management
Knowledge gained from the workshop will be uses to improve the tropical tuna stock assessment and stock assessments for ther species
12 months
Workplan and status
  • 2021 – invite keynote speakers
  • Summer 2022 – prepare background material
  • October 2022 – Conduct workshop
  • November 2022 – Write workshop report
  • May 2023 – report to SAC
Workshop report
Updated date: 01 May 2019
Progress summary for the reporting period
  • The workshop was held in October 2018, with 10 invited presentations and 18 contributed presentations
  • IATTC staff gave six presentations and conducted a tutorial on implementing spatial models in Stock Synthesis
Challenges and key lessons learnt
There are few examples of spatial models used for management advice
  • Six presentations by staff members
  • A special issue of Fisheries Research, containing the presentations from the workshop, is in preparation
The workshop informed the staff’s assessment of bigeye in the EPO