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Vernon Scholey

Position: Achotines Laboratory Director - Achotines Laboratory Former staff


  • Responsible for the functioning of the Achotines Laboratory in the Republic of Panama.
  • Development and local coordination of collaborative research between the Early Life History Group and international scientific organizations.
  • Management of the personnel and budget of the Achotines Laboratory working in consultation with the Head of Program.


  • M.Sc. in Fisheries Science, College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences, University of Washington, 1993.
  • B.Sc. in Fisheries Biology, College of Fisheries, University of Washington, 1975.


Vern Scholey joined the IATTC staff as an Associate Scientist in 1979 spending most of the next two years tagging juvenile and adult Pacific bluefin tuna from various locations in Japan. He then spent about four years running the IATTC field office in Manta, Ecuador. Since late 1985 he has been in charge of the IATTC Achotines Laboratory in the Republic of Panama. Vern’s responsibilities include the capture and culture of broodstock tuna, coordinating and participating in field and laboratory research carried out by the IATTC Early Life History Group, and local coordination of joint research by IATTC scientists with other investigators from around the world working on tuna and tuna-related topics. He also manages the laboratory infrastructure development and maintenance and design and operation of the sophisticated seawater systems needed to maintain tuna larvae, juveniles, and adults in captivity.

Other courses

Since 2003 Vern has coordinated and co-taught the annual workshop on “Physiology and Aquaculture of Pelagics with Emphasis on Reproduction and Early Developmental Stages of Yellowfin Tuna.” Held at Achotines Laboratory it is a joint IATTC-University of Miami event with participants attending from around the world.