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  • You can use the Project Search Tool below to browse over the staff’s research projects, including their brief summaries, that are currently under way, or planned for the near future and funded under the 5-year Strategic Science Plan (2019-2023). The summaries include, for each project, background information, a work plan, and a progress report, as well as details of its relevance and purpose, external collaborators, duration, and deliverables; also, for existing projects, an update on activities since the previous year’s report.

    This information can also be found on the IATTC-98b-Staff activities and research plan.

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    01 Jun 2018 - 01 Jul 2020
    • Evaluate the reliability of the data obtained on identification of FADs.
    • Investigate methods to determine purse-seine set type from various sources of data (i.e. Observers, vessel logbooks, canneries, etc.).
    • Evaluate the relationship between catch and number of FAD deployments.
    • Investigate more precise measures of fishing capacity that take into consideration days fished, set type, and vessel characteristics.
    • Investigate the relationship between fishing mortality and fleet capacity.
    • Evaluate alternative management measures such as closed areas, individual vessel limits, and gear restrictions.
    01 May 2022 - 31 May 2024
    • Understand the nature of mobulid bycatch in the purse seine fishery, and in particular, the effect of different operational characteristics on mobulid bycatch rates.
    • Build on and inform ongoing research to host workshops with purse seine skippers and crew to identify feasible onboard gear, handling and release modifications to reduce mobulid mortality.
    • Tailor bycatch mitigation options for variability in vessel and gear type, as well as the operational details of the vessel.
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